About Bloumers

Hi and welcome to Bloumers!  I'm Louis,  the smaller half of Bloumers, my bro, Boulmer, is the other half.  He is the red fox lab in the picture.  We joined our names together to come up with our company name, BLouMerS.

As I am just little, my owner Su wanted a nice comfy seat for me so that I could ride shotgun in the car with her when we went on journeys together.  Su was unable to find what she wanted in the UK so she decided to make me one.

She sourced local materials here in the UK and designed my very own car booster seat which I love! It keeps me safe and comfortable and lets me navigate!!

My first seat was the classic Navy with cream fur, when Su introduced new colours black and grey I requested a grey one with grey fur.  I might go for black next time!

We have been to lots of great dog shows over the last few years and even had a stall at The National Pet Show in London and Dog Fest in Windsor in 2016.  We had brilliant fun and met many new friends.  Lots of my new friends ordered seats of their own, I'm so pleased many more dogs are happy and safe when they go for drives with their owners.

Boulmers of Bloumers Dog Car SeatsThe seats also cut down on dog hairs in the car which means less hoovering!

Su can make up the covers in your choice of fabric if you want - all you have to do is ask.

I hope you can find a seat that meets your size. We do three standard sizes, however Su can make any size you want!  Isn't she clever?  I am so pleased she belongs to me. (However I don't mind sharing to help you have your own seat!)

Best Regards - we hope to hear from you soon.