Bespoke Dog Furniture

Here at Bloumers, we specialise in dog car seats, but we can also make all other types of furniture for your beloved pet, ranging from special beds, pet steps, internal ramps etc.

Sometimes the standard sizes available may not be suitable for your car or dog, for instance in certain models of car. If this is the case, we can adapt our materials and method to fit around you.

In the photo below, this specific bed was designed to fit in the middle console of the car- and therefore needed to be secured using the straps underneath as opposed to our standard seatbelt fitting. This meant the dog was able to travel comfortably and the seat was still secured in to the vehicle effectively.  The owner was very pleased with this solution.

Bespoke Car Seats and Dog Furniture


Other examples of bespoke requests we can cater for include:

-Larger beds for bigger dogs- these can be made to any dimensions.

- Steps can be made to the exact width of your sofa/gap in your home.

- We can also use a fabric of your choice to construct the outer cover of the dog seat, which of course is removable and machine washable as standard.


We would be happy to discuss ideas with you or answer any questions you might have about a bespoke item. Please contact Su via phone or email