Here at Bloumers we're proud of our products and love to hear from our customers! Below is a selection of customers' comments.

Just a quick email to say how delighted we are with Dora's new seat. Her car sickness problem disappeared overnight, both on short and long journeys.

She loves it, so much so that she did not want to get out of it to come indoors yesterday as she was sooooooooo comfortable!


Best Wishes - Lynda and David Worship

Coco's seat just arrived and it's absolutely beautiful thank you I'm hoping she will stay in that now rather than riding on the steering wheel! Although it was a considered purchase I feel it will outweigh everything and keep myself and Coco safe I think it's well worth the money. I have two friends whom also have pampered pooches I will recommend to.


Coco jumped straight in it … I've bought lots of contraptions for the car but they don’t really work as they collapse when I put her in them!


Thank you from both of us 


Love Tracey and Coco xxxxx